Donate Eyeglasses – Initiative from Lion’s Club to give someone hope

Donate Eyeglasses – Initiative from Lion’s Club to give someone hope

Basic Eye care is an essential part of a society’s healthcare system. But the sad part is, most low and middle-income countries and societies find it difficult to obtain eye care services. But protecting your eyes and getting the right lenses, if needed, is vital for someone’s survival. Lions eyeglass recycling program – The lions for sight, is an initiative that focuses on providing these individuals with corrective lenses and suitable eyeglasses. They collect reusable eyeglasses from the countries that the program is on and donate eyeglasses to those in need. Lion’s Club is affiliated with many other non-profitable programs and organizations to provide corrective lenses and glasses to people. Eyesight, unlike the olden days, is deteriorating at an early age in humans. The reason behind this is mainly technology.

donate eyeglasses - lions club eyeglasses program

We are now a global village with technology connecting each of us with the rest of the world. Therefore, we are supposed to utilize technology one way or another in order to survive. Most of the technological equipment such as computers and television screens are harmful to the eyes. People of all ages use technology, which in turn affects their eyesight. Therefore, nearly half of society has some sort of eye problem in any given place. It is one of the reasons why eye care is an essential aspect of healthcare services. But providing eye care can be expensive. And in countries that are still developing, it is not possible to provide free eye care as the country’s economy cannot sustain it. That is when the Lion’s Club steps in to donate eyeglasses after analyzing one’s situation.

Where to donate eyeglasses? 

You can donate old glasses and lenses in places where they collect glasses. There are donation bins and collective centers under Lions Eyeglass Recycling Program, and you can go to a location near to you and donate your old eyeglasses as charitable giving. If you are wondering what to do with old glasses, this is one of the best things you can do-giving sight to someone else. Some of the collective centers in communities are local businesses, schools, libraries, optical shops, administrative centers, municipalities, places of worship, and clinics. Not every place is a donation center. Therefore, you need to inquire and make sure you are donating to the right place.

where to donate used eyeglasses

For those collecting recycling eyeglasses and old eyeglasses, you can send them to a LERC (Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre) for processing. What happens there is, the glasses and lenses you send undergo an assessment to determine whether they are in usable condition. If so, the analysts and opticians keep the glasses in an inventory to distribute around the world. The eyeglasses that are sent to Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre assess them carefully to avoid wastage of metal and lenses. One of the main things about these Centers is, they only distribute the ones that are in good condition. Hence, the beneficiary of the eyeglass can rest assured that the glasses are good. LERC also partners with Onesight, Vosh/ International, and other Recycling Centers to donate eyeglasses to those in need.

Recycle glasses – What to do with your old glasses

If you are planning on getting an eye-checkup to change your glasses, you can easily donate the old ones. Do not wonder what to do with the old eyeglasses because there are plenty of them that can use your old glasses. For instance, CLERC – Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre is one of the main collective centers that operate under Lion’s Club. Their vision is to collect recycled eyeglasses and distribute them around the developing countries free of charge. What a way to help people! They focus on creating an understanding and awareness about the need for eye care in states that have low and middle incomes. It allows people to realize that their old and recycled eyeglasses can go a long way. That also helps people to donate eyeglasses as CLERC stands as a reliable and massive collective center.

A program that provides access to eyeglasses in developing countries – OneSight 

Eligible patients can receive a pair of eyeglasses for free through the OneSight OnSite voucher program. Lion’s Club is one of the main participants of the program that donates eyeglasses in huge numbers. What you need to do to get a pair of eyeglasses from OneSight is simple. First, you have to verify with Lion’s Club or any other non-profitable organization that OneSight is affiliated with, the need for eyeglasses, and the financial scarcity. Once you confirm that from them, you have to get a referral letter from the non-profit organization and present it to one of the optical centers of OneSight and obtain your pair of free eyeglasses, but ensure to carry your prescription so they can find you a suitable pair of eyeglasses.

lions club onesight program

Providing eye care for humanity – VOSH/ INTERNATIONAL

VOSH International is another great initiative that is affiliated with Lion’s Club to provide Optometric services to people around the world. What VOSH does is, collecting eyeglasses from charitable organizations such as Lion’s Club and traveling around the world to distribute them. The volunteers in the organization are licensed opticians that are ready to help people find their suitable pair of eyeglasses. These individuals pay for their own tickets, lodging, and food to help people. If that is not charity, then what is?!

Lion’s Club’s steps up to create a clearer vision in people’s lives 

Lion’s Club has always been one of the first organizations to help the community worldwide. The organizers and volunteers of Lion’s Club are dedicated to providing the best of services in all areas. There are licensed opticians that are ready even to test your eyesight to make sure you need glasses. Not only do they donate eyeglasses or donate hearing aids but they are also affiliated worldwide with other organizations to provide additional healthcare services too. But eye care is an area that a lot of countries have overlooked because of a lack of resources. A lot of developing countries, especially in Africa and Asia, find it difficult to maintain their basic needs, let alone eye care. But as ignored as it is, it is essential that a person has access to see clearly. Lion’s club eyeglasses are a great way to improve a society’s standards, by giving their lives meaning.

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Final thoughts: Lion’s Club donates eyeglasses because many cannot afford them 

Not everyone can afford eyeglasses even if they are in need of a pair. Especially when it comes to under-developed and developing countries, a lot of people are ignoring their need for eye care because of the income. It is when Lion’s Club steps in to provide a pair of free eyeglasses to patients. They have made it easier for donators to give their glasses as they have set many collection points and bins in every area. Some collection centers collect eyeglasses on a grand scale and ship them to the entire world.

Lion’s Club donates eyeglasses because many cannot afford them

One of the main age groups that are in need of eyeglasses is the elderly. The ones over 50 years of age usually develop loss of eyesight and various other issues concerning eyes. But not every one of them can afford medical care for the issue. Most of them ignore the fact that they need glasses and live a normal life. But by doing so, their eyesight deteriorates even more. When you have an issue with your eyes, it is essential to get eye care to slow the damage down. That is why Lion’s Club even provides prescription services to people who think they need eyeglasses. Lions Eyeglass Recycling Program is one of the best initiatives the organization has done in order to give eyesight to people. Among various other charitable works, they donate eyeglasses, and that means a lot to many people.